History of the Blue Ridge Hunt

Today’s followers of the Blue Ridge hounds ride over the same hills and fields and along the same twists and turns of the Shenandoah River as did George Washington nearly three hundred years ago when he followed the hounds of his employer and friend, Thomas, sixth lord Fairfax.  Since that time, this gently rolling grassland in the Valley of the Shenandoah on the west side of the Blue Ridge has continued to echo to the music of hounds, the huntsman’s horn, and the rhythm of galloping horses.

Washington, at age sixteen, had come to Fairfax’s Greenway Court (situated in what is now the village of White Post, in Clarke County, Virginia) to help survey Fairfax’s holdings.  The two pursued the native gray fox behind hounds that Fairfax had sent over from England even prior to his arrival.

For one hundred years after the death, in 1782, of Lord Fairfax, foxhunting in Virginia flourished privately.  Many landowners maintained a few hounds for sport and met when they wished, each bringing his own hounds. ...more...

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