Our country

The country lies in Clarke County, in Warren County north of Front Royal, in Shenandoah County north of Route 675, in Frederick County south of Route 50 and west of Route 11 in Virginia and in Jefferson County, W.Va. It is mainly rolling farmland with open pastureland and orchards. Jumps are chicken coops, some tiger traps, post and rails with a few stone walls.

Getting involved

Do you enjoy learning about the Virginia countryside, seeing it beyond the side of the road? Would you like to see the hunt meet at your farm or watch the field galloping by in pursuit of hounds? We welcome all who share these common interests. For more information please call one of the Masters.

A special note of thanks to our landowners!

Foxhunting enjoys a great tradition in Virginia and particularly in Clarke County. That tradition cannot last without the generous support of our landowners. It is with their kind permission that we can cross their land. For that we are especially grateful.

Please take the time to say thank you when you see them, and remember that just because we hunt over someone’s land does not mean you have permission to ride over that land. Always get permission first before crossing a landowner’s property.