• Most Thursdays- Trail Clearing Days!!!! Please Contact Anne McIntosh or Catherine Chandler for more info! 
  • Social Subscriber Party- August 28th- Please contact Gillian and Peter Cook for more info
  • Millbrook Hunt Weekend- August 26-28th- Please contact Anne for more info 
  • First Day of Hunting September 3rd- Please call Monitor for more info 
  • Hunting will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday through September 
  • Fall Clay Shoot! 

    •  Date: Sunday, October 16                                                                                                               

    • Location & Time: Prospect Hall Shooting Club – 9:00 AM Registration, 10:00 AM Start of Shoot, 12:00 PM Lunch

  • Hunt Ball- November 5th, 2022- Please contact Sondra LeHew or Helen Duane for more info